Welcome to Matteo's Brain'

I am Professor adj. in Corporate Reputation & Business Storytelling, in CyberSecurity and in Data Driven Strategies, I founded The Fool, the leading Italian company of Customer Insight to increase Value and Reputation, and co-founded the Legal-Tech company LT42 for Legal Data-Automation, and I'm Partner of 42 Law Firm where Lawyers lead Digital Transformation..
I am Chairman of PermessoNegato APS, the no-profit NGO that provides technological support to victims of Non-Consensual Pornography (Revenge Porn) and co-founder of Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights.
I've been Future Leader IVLP of the US State Department under the Obama Administration in "Combating Cybercrime" program, I am editorialist, Keynote Panelist, PodCaster for Forbes, and I host a daily show, named Ciao, Internet! wher I discuss about Algorithms and Rules that govern Machines and Humans.

I still don't how to play the piano, I'm buddhist by vocation, reducetarian by ethics and Nerd.

This is simply a quick and easy hosting environment for my Second Brain's Public dump. My main website is here.